Special Issue on Peer Review Week 2019; Quality in Peer Review

To support peer review week 2019 (#PeerRevWk19), Advanced Journal of Social Science is launching a special issue focused on the peer review process in scholarly publication. Individuals, institutions, and organizations are invited to submit their manuscript on the topic of quality peer review in scholarly communications. Individual may include librarians, scholars, […]

Free Journal Vs. Open Access; A Guide for Authors & Publishers

Free journal and Open Access are frequently used terms by the publishers. These terms are very confusing for the young authors, in fact, many publishers intentionally using the term ‘Free Journal’ (Instead of Open Access) in a confusing way to trap new researchers. Term “Free Journal” should be used specifically for those journals only […]

Materials Journal

Journal of Modern Materials is a refereed materials journal for publishing research papers related to all aspects of materials research. Submit your manuscript for possible publication through the journal’s homepage. Materials research community throughout the globe is welcome to submit their research paper in this materials journal. Journal Name: Journal of Modern […]

Paper Publishing Process

Understanding paper publishing process might be crucial for many new authors. We received emails from many authors asking process for publishing research paper and hence decide to make this post. This paper publishing process post will be helpful for many authors seeking to submit their research work in Scholarly Journals […]