Call for Papers

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Call for papers on any specific theme will be listed under this category. Generally, submission of the articles for publication in AIJR journals is always open. We publish Research Article, Short Communication, Medical Case Report, Review Article, Mini Review, Survey Article, and Opinions. Choose a journal related to your research field and submit the article online by following author guideline.

Social Science Research Publication

Scholars conducting social science research are invited to publish their research paper in Advanced Journal of Social Science. Call for paper publication in this social science journal is open for academic research scholars. Advanced Journal of Social Science is an international journal publishing peer-reviewed articles only. The author can submit […]

Publish paper in Journal of Modern Materials

Materials researcher are invited to publish their research paper in materials journal; Journal of Modern Materials. This is an international refereed materials journal focusing on all fields of materials research from global scholars. Researchers in the field of materials physics, materials chemistry, materials electronics, biomaterials, materials characterization, etc can submit […]

Materials Journal

Journal of Modern Materials is a refereed materials journal for publishing research papers related to all aspects of materials research. Submit your manuscript for possible publication through the journal’s homepage. Materials research community throughout the globe is welcome to submit their research paper in this materials journal. This journal publishes all aspects […]

Materials Science Journal

Journal of Modern Materials is an international, refereed materials science journal published by AIJR. Manuscript submission is invited by this materials science journal from worldwide materials researcher- Journal Name: Journal of Modern Materials ISSN: 2456-4834 Published by: AIJR Publisher Research Topics: All aspect of materials research Publication Frequency: Continuous Submission […]