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Call for papers on any specific theme will be listed under this category. Generally, submission of the articles for publication in AIJR journals is always open. We publish Research Article, Short Communication, Medical Case Report, Review Article, Mini Review, Survey Article, and Opinions. Choose a journal related to your research field and submit the article online by following author guideline.

Call for Papers: Composite Materials

Composite Material’s researchers are invited to submit their research papers to the Journal of Modern Materials for peer-reviewing and possible publication. Manufacturers and designers who are working in the field of composite materials and their structures can also submit the original research work. We are more interested in the current scientific and technological progress as interdisciplinary research. Authors are expected to contribute research work with new advances in composite materials, material processing, analysis & testing as well as its performance and applications. The topic of interest may include- Green composites Metal-matrix composites Ceramic-matrix composites Thermoplastic composites Polymer-matrix composites Structural and […]

Call for Publications on COVID-19; Impact of Coronavirus Outbreak

Since the COVID-19 outbreak in China, it spreads rapidly to other parts of the world and still uncontrolled. The impacts of COVID19 on every aspect of human life and society can clearly be seen worldwide. Coronavirus attracts urgent need for new, novel, relevant, interdisciplinary research. Papers in all fields related to the coronavirus shall be published as quickly as possible. We are more interested in publishing Short Communication, Short Review, Review Article, Medical Case Report, Survey Articles & Opinions. We are trying to enable the AIJR platform for publishing and distributing new high-quality research to share information from scientists, researchers, […]


Publishing Coronavirus Research Paper

The new deadly coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) continues spreading COVID-19. All coronavirus researchers are encouraged to keep sharing emerging research works openly. Researchers are required to share their work on this outbreak rapidly. However, publishing rapidly in peer-reviewed journals is not feasible as peer-reviewing always takes time and the research on this outbreak is still immature that limits reviewers for an appropriate recommendation. Kindly visit the detailed procedure of publishing papers related to coronavirus research. Post Paper to AIJR Preprints In view of the rapid dissemination requirement, it is suggested to post the coronavirus-related research paper to the AIJR preprint server under […]

Social Science Research Publication

Scholars conducting social science research are invited to publish their research paper in Advanced Journal of Social Science. Call for paper publication in this social science journal is open for academic research scholars. Advanced Journal of Social Science is an international journal publishing peer-reviewed articles only. The author can submit their social research paper under one of the following categories- Original Article Short Communication Review Article Short Review Survey Article Opinion Research Paper Submission The manuscript should be submitted online by following  Author Guideline of the journal. For more detail please visit Journal’s homepage by clicking here To submit a paper visit online […]

Publish paper in Journal of Modern Materials

Materials researcher are invited to publish their research paper in materials journal; Journal of Modern Materials. This is an international refereed materials journal focusing on all fields of materials research from global scholars. Researchers in the field of materials physics, materials chemistry, materials electronics, biomaterials, materials characterization, etc can submit their research paper. Call for paper in Materials Journal is open as per following detail- Materials Journal Name Journal of Modern Materials Type International, Peer-Reviewed (Refereed) ISSN 2456-4834 Call for Paper Open Article Types Research Article, Short Communication, Review Article, Short Review (Section Policy) Focus Field All aspect of materials […]

Materials Journal

Journal of Modern Materials is a refereed materials journal for publishing research papers related to all aspects of materials research. Submit your manuscript for possible publication through the journal’s homepage. Materials research community throughout the globe is welcome to submit their research paper in this materials journal. This journal publishes all aspects of materials research including but not limited to- Advanced Powder Technology, Applied Surface Science, Biomaterials, Carbon Materials, Cement and Concrete Composites, Ceramics Materials, Composite Structures, Composites Science and Technology, Corrosion Science, Solid State & Materials Science, Diamond & Related Materials, Polymer, Polymer Degradation and Stability, Reactive and Functional Polymers, Polymer Testing, Hydrometallurgy, Infrared Physics and Technology, Intermetallic Materials, Mineral Processing, Refractory Metals and […]