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Submission of research articles for publication in AIJR journals is open. We publish Research Article, Review Article, Mini Review and Short Communication. Choose a journal from the following list to submit your research paper.


Journal of Modern Materials

This Journal publishes achievements of materials science all over the world with main focus on materials relationship between structure, properties and application of materials. Covering areas includes but not limited to energy and environmental materials; advanced structural materials; advanced electronic materials; crystalline and amorphous materials; ceramics, glasses, polymers, electrical materials, composite materials, fibers, etc.

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International Annals of Science

This is a multidisciplinary journal dedicated to publishing high-quality research in all areas of the Computer, Mathematics, Physical, Chemical, Biological, and Environmental Sciences. International Annals of science welcome submissions from cross-disciplinary fields, including biophysics, bio-engineering, chemical physics and environmental science, although no area of science is excluded from consideration.

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Advanced Nano Research

Adv. Nano Res. focuses on all aspects of nano-science and nanotechnology. This Journal will cover all interesting areas of nano research from basic aspects of the nano science and nano-scale materials to practical applications of such materials. This journal will consider developments and discoveries in the synthesis, fabrication, characterization and Interdisciplinary application of nano materials and nano-systems.

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Journal of Modeling and Simulation of Materials

Journal of Modeling and Simulation of Materials (JMSM) publishes research activities in all aspects of modeling and simulation of materials. The journal invites researchers engaged in modeling and simulations to publish new research work that advances the understanding and prediction of material behavior at any scales from atomistic to macroscopic.

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Advanced Journal of Graduate Research

Do you have dynamic undergraduate project student and wish to publish their work?

Well, Advanced Journal of Graduate Research will serve as a global platform to broadcast new research initiatives being carried out by today’s brightest youths.

This journal aims to publish the inspiring graduate research that investigates issues with current real-world ramifications. Advanced Journal of Graduate Research welcome articles related to all fields of science and technology from those graduate/undergraduate students who are involving in the research project as a part of their Bachelor/Master degree requirement.

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Materials Journal with Fast Publication

Materials Journal by AIJR “Journal of Modern Materials” is open for paper submission with rapid publication option. Journal of Modern Materials publishes research paper related to materials science for free under normal publication model. However, sometimes fast publication is necessary and hence this materials science journal offers rapid review model […]

Free Paper Publication

AIJR offers Free Paper Publication in the following refereed journals with open access (Free to Publish & Free to Read) International Annals of Science (All fields of Science and Technology) Journal of Modern Materials (Materials Science Journal) Journal of Modeling and Simulation of Materials (Modeling & Simulation Journal) Advanced Journal of Graduate Research (Bachelor […]

Nano Journal Article Submission; February 2018

Refereed Nano Journal “Advanced Nano Research” Published by AIJR is open for manuscript submission in February 2018. Advanced Nano Research is a blind peer-reviewed international nano journal dedicated to publishing research articles done at the nanoscale. This nano journal provides a global platform for the publication of theoretical and experimental […]

Materials Journal; Call for Manuscript Submission January 2018

Materials Journal “Journal of Modern Materials” Published by AIJR is open for manuscript submission in January 2018. Journal of Modern Materials is a double-blind peer-reviewed international materials journal dedicated to publish articles in the field of materials science. This materials journal provides a global platform for the publication of theoretical […]