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Publish Medical Case Reports in International Annals of Science

Refereed Journal International Annals of Science inviting practitioners to submit medical case reports for Free publication. Case reports contain a medical profile of the patient for sharing an unusual or novel occurrence for medical, scientific, or educational purposes. The case report should contain a detailed report of the symptoms, signs, […]

Free Conference Paper Publication

AIJR Publisher is an open access online journal’s publisher of scholarly Journals which can find by clicking here. Conference organizers are invited to publish the special issue for the full-length articles that were exhibited in their conference, symposium or workshop. Kindly remember that publishing special issue for conference papers in AIJR journals […]

Publishing Special Issue for Conference Papers in Journal

Conference organizers are welcome to propose special issue publication for national/international conferences. Special Issue may include the full-length articles that were exhibited in the conference, symposium or workshop. Publishing special issue for conference papers in AIJR journals is possible only for original articles which are peer-reviewed and plagiarism free. Proposals for […]

Rapid Publication Journals

Finding the right journal with rapid publication becomes so difficult and sometimes too confusing. As this term “rapid publication” has been used in the different sense by different journals. Few journal says themselves rapid publication journal on the basis of time taken between acceptance and publication. On the other hand, few […]