Publishing Fee for Proceedings

Our proceedings publications are cost-effective and depend on the remaining time between the conference date and agreement to publish the proceedings.

If the time remaining between our agreement and event date is at least 6 months (for the national conference) or 9 months (for the international conference), a one-time nominal fee of $500 (USD) or Rs. 35000/ (INR) will be applicable. This fee is independent of the number of articles or pages and applicable for publication of complete conference proceedings. This fee will require to pay at the time of agreement for proceedings publication.

If the above condition not meets, we will send a quote of appropriate fee per article which will depend on time remaining in the event (also for past conferences). Even the final cost will depend on the number of articles however, there would be a minimum and maximum limit of $500 & $5000 (USD) respectively. The minimum amount shall be paid at the time of agreement which will be adjusted in the final cost. The quote will be valid for a limited period and if publishing agreement could not be done by the due date, the organizer will require to submit a fresh proposal for a new quote. The applicable fee has been summarized in the table below-

International Conference National Conference Cost (USD) Cost (INR)
Time Remaining > 9 Months > 6 Months $500 (Fixed) Rs. 35000/ (Fixed)
Time Remaining Less than 9 months Less than 6 months Per article quote
Minimum Total $500
Maximum Total $5000
Per article fee
Minimum Total Rs. 35000/
Maximum Total Rs. 3,50,000/
Remarks Per article quote will depend on the remaining time. There is no limit on the number of pages or number of volumes per conference. $500 should be paid at the time of the agreement. The minimum amount paid will be adjusted in the final amount.