Conference Publications

Conference Publications refers to the type of publications that can be published in relation to the conference or workshop. Basic detail of various type of conference publications are as follows-

Conference Proceedings

Get published as an edited volume with ISBN & DOI in AIJR Proceedings Series [ISSN:2582-3922]. The individual full-length paper will also get assign separate DOI. All full-length articles selected through a formal peer-review process can be included. Visit this link for complete detail on proceedings publication procedure.

Conference Special Issue

Get published in one of our journals (based on scope and conference theme). Only those papers which get selected through a rigorous peer-review process can be included. We will require reviewing report as well as the reviewer’s detail for each article. Final inclusion in the special issue will depend on its scientific quality. Special issue publication is free if we agree to publish 4 months prior to the conference date and the proceedings get published with us. Visit this link for more detail on special issue publication procedures.

Conference Abstract Book

Get published as a monograph with ISBN & DOI which can include an abstract or extended abstract of all presented papers. A fixed nominal amount ( Rs 15000/  or $250 ) for the whole abstract book will be applicable. Visit this link for complete detail and procedure of abstract book publication.


Who can publish conference materials?

This information is for the conference organizer, only organizer of the conference/workshop/symposium can request us for conference publications.

Can a conference publish all types of publications?

Yes, any individual conference can have all types of publications for the same event. Abstract book, proceedings and a special issue for the same conference can be published provided that organizer shall clearly indicate those papers which will be included in proceedings and special issue both.

Will the hardcopy of conference publications available?

It’s optional, the print version is available on-demand only. our all publications are online and if you require a print copy, you will have to request and pay additional printing expenses.

What can a conference publish?

A conference or workshop can publish as an Abstract book, Proceedings and special issue.

Do published abstracts count as publications?

No, Only abstracts or extended abstracts get published in the Abstract book which is not count as publication. Abstracts are neither peer-reviewed nor contain enough information to evaluate.

Can a conference paper be published in a scholarly journal?

It depends on the type of conference publications and where it got published. If published as an abstract book (Only abstract or extended abstract), it can be submitted to any other journal. If published as proceedings (edited volume) which is not in a journal then it can be published as an extended paper in most of the reputed journals with 30% additional work or as per their submission policy. However, if the proceedings get published in a scholarly journal then it can not be published in another journal as an extended conference paper. Further, if the conference paper published as a special issue in the journal then also the extended conference paper can not be published in another scholarly journal.