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Information related to conference publications (Proceedings, Abstract Book, Conference Issue) will be listed under this category. Conference detail for which AIJR associated as sole publishing partner may also be listed here.

ICCESP2021; International Web Conference in Civil Engineering for a Sustainable Planet

International Web Conference in Civil Engineering for a Sustainable Planet – 2021 (ICCESP2021) will be held on March 05–06, 2021. ICCESP-2021 is being organized by Habilete Learning Solutions, Kollam, Kerala, India in collaboration with the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), TKM College of Engineering, & Baselios Mathews II College of Engineering, Kollam, India. The conference proceedings will be published online in AIJR Proceedings Series with ISBN, ISSN, and DOI. About the Conference The main aim of this conference is to bring together leading academicians, researchers, technocrats, practitioners, and students to exchange and share their experiences and research outputs on all aspects of […]

Symposium Publication

In academia, a symposium is an academic meeting organized to discuss a particular subject by the experts in that field. Participants are often experts in their fields who present papers, discuss issues, ongoing trends, and make recommendations for a certain course of action. Generally, a symposium focuses on a much narrower research topic to cover just one specific research topic. So, symposia are often smaller and shorter than your average conference. The organizers can publish their symposium contents as proceedings, special issue, or book of abstracts. Symposium Book of Abstracts Publish only abstracts or extended abstracts of the article presented […]

Proceedings vs Book of Abstracts

Some journals publish abstracts of an academic meeting as supplementary materials however, we prefer to publish abstracts of papers presented in an academic meeting as book and call it Abstract Book or Book of Abstracts. Few common differences between proceedings and book of abstracts are given below- Proceedings Book of Abstracts Published as an edited volume; either individually or through a dedicated proceedings series. An individual meeting can have multiple volumes of proceedings. Published as a monograph; it is preferred to have a single book of abstracts for the entire meetings. However, an individual meeting can have multiple volumes of […]

Proceedings vs Special Issue

In most cases, the proceedings get published before the meeting, and hence the proceedings are accessible to participants at the time of the event. In this way, the participants can look at the papers they are interested in and find out better insight during the presentation of that particular paper. However, in some cases, the proceedings get published after the conference and hence the authors utilize the opportunity to improve the paper based on the received feedback during the meeting. To have proceedings of the academic meetings are generally considered as good and always preferred, either before or after the […]

Publish Research Paper of e-Conference; Virtual Conferences Publication

In view of global restrictions on travel and recommended social distancing due to COVID-19 pandemic; conference organizers are forced to held their conferences online in virtual mode. Many conferences got canceled and some rescheduled as e-conference. We publish conference contents as proceedings, special issues, and abstract books for which organizers required to agree with a minimum payment regardless of the number of papers. In view of the current pandemic situation, AIJR decides to waive off the required minimum payment for online conferences up to a limited time period. Virtual conference organizer will require to pay 50% of the expected number […]

SCOPE18 International Conference in Vijayawada, India

International Conference on Scholarly Communication, Open‐access Publishing and Ethics (SCOPE‐2018) organized by Central Library, School of Planning and Architecture, Vijayawada (India) will be held on October 25–26, 2018. SCOPE 2018 conference proceedings will be published by the AIJR Publisher with ISBN and DOI. The focus of this conference would be to emphasize issues and challenges involved in the scholarly communication, publication practice, open access and intellectual property rights (IPR) to support institutional education, research, and innovation capabilities. The major theme of this conference include Scholarly Communication, Open Access Publishing, Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), Ethics, Plagiarism and Citation Styles with following objectives: To encourage academic, […]