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Submitting Research Paper

Where to Submit Research Paper?

Recently in desk rejection, it has been noticed that the major portion of declined articles was due to submission to out of scope journals. Many authors submit their research papers to the wrong journal which accounts for a large portion of desk rejection during the initial editorial screening process. Once the research paper has been drafted, the author shall select a suitable journal and then proceed with submission by formatting the paper according to the guidelines of the journal. Refer to the following quick guide for finding out the journals that could be best suited to submit your research paper. […]

Article Submission to Decision; Journal

This is a quick guide for the author; what to expect next, after the submission of articles to AIJR Journals. It will help authors to have transparent idea on peer-reviewing process to their submitted research paper.

Publishing Research Paper by Master’s Student

Publishing research papers by master’s degree students in all disciplines is desirable for the award of degree in most of the reputed institutions which are considered as part of the academic thesis project. Many institutions also require research work project in the final year of their bachelor’s degree students as well. This may be considered as introductory steps of the research environment as the students are unaware of the process and hence supervisor plays a crucial role in mentoring such undergraduate students. Here are some common guidelines & steps regarding students’s research paper publication. Authors may find the following youtube […]

Word Template

Journal Word Template

This page will contain a collection of MS word templates for journals, proceedings, abstract books, monographs, books, thesis, preprints, etc. published by AIJR. Though it is not mandatory to use this word template, the author may follow the author guidelines carefully for formatting the manuscript. However, many authors feel more comfortable to use the word template to follow author guidelines. Even using the template seems more convenient, still, all authors are suggested to read author guidelines of the journal/publication to avoid any confusion. Please look for the appropriate journal/publication and use the most appropriate template (.dotx for latest ms word […]

How to Publish Paper

Note: This post is a draft version, visit the paper publishing process for detail. You may send suggestions to be included in this post.

Free Journals with Open Access

Free Journal Vs. Open Access; A Guide for Authors & Publishers

Free journal and Open Access are frequently used terms by the publishers. These terms are very confusing for the young authors, in fact, many publishers intentionally using the term ‘Free Journal’ (Instead of Open Access) in a confusing way to trap new researchers. Term “Free Journal” should be used specifically for those journals only which are free for article publication and does not charge any kind of fee (or article processing charge, APC) from author to publish their research paper. On the other hand, the term “Open Access” should be used for those journals who are offering everyone (audience) to read and download articles freely […]