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List of Open Access Journals From AIJR Publisher

Open access journals published by AIJR Publisher are listed below. Kindly visit individual journal’s homepage for more detail. For updated list of open access journals, Kindly visit online journal management homepage of AIJR publisher by clicking here.

JMM Cover Page

Journal of Modern Materials

ISSN: 2456-4834

DOI: 10.21467/jmm

Journal home page:

Field: Materials Science

International Annals of Science

ISSN: 2456-7132

DOI: 10.21467/ias

Journal home page:

Field: Multidisciplinary Science

Advanced Journal of Graduate Research

ISSN: 2456-7108

DOI: 10.21467/ajgr

Journal home page:

Field: Basic Science and Technology

Journal of Modeling and Simulation of Materials

DOI: 10.21467/jmsm

Journal home page:

Field: Modeling and Simulation

Advanced Nano Research

DOI: 10.21467/anr

Journal home page:

Field: Nano Science and Nano Technology

Adv Journal of Social Science

Advanced Journal of Social Science

ISSN: 2581-3358

DOI: 10.21467/ajss

Journal homepage:

Field: Social Sciences and Humanities