Advanced Journal of Graduate Research

Advanced Journal of Graduate Research is a multidisciplinary, refereed and indexed journal dedicated to publishing research work carried out by Bachelor/Master Degree students under the supervision of a faculty member. Normally research work carried out as a part of the undergraduate course or graduate course in the form of final year course project will be considered in this specific graduate journal. Any student below Ph.D. level under the supervision of a faculty member can submit research article in this journal.

This undergraduate journal will play a vital role in appropriately crediting youths for their early career research work by specifying their academic detail in the published article. Many undergraduate journals are available but mostly tied up with a specific university/institution. Advanced Journal of Graduate Research will accept articles from all over the world and serve as an international peer-reviewed journal. Undergraduate/Graduate students must consult their supervisor for article writing before submitting in this international journal.

This journal will be open access and always free to publish research papers from students without any publishing charge.

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