Journal of Modeling and Simulation of Materials

Journal of Modeling and Simulation of Materials (JMSM) is an international journal with a broad coverage, corporate research activities in all aspects of modeling and simulation of materials published by AIJR PublisherThis journal provides scientists and engineers refereed research papers in all aspects of modeling and simulation of materials in chemistry, physics, material sciences, engineering and technology to publish the original full-length research papers, timely state-of-the-art reviews and short communications covering the fundamental and applied research.

J. Mod. Sim. Mater. (JMSM) publishes methodological and technological advances that represent significant progress toward the application of simulation modelling-related theory and/or practice. Particular interest is paid to significant success in the use of simulation, methodology and application of modelling and simulation in any area, including computer systems, networks, real-time and embedded systems, mobile and intelligent agents, manufacturing and transportation systems, management, engineering, biomedical engineering, economics, ecology and environment, education, transaction handling etc.

The focus of this simulation journal is to publish research articles from all field of the research study involving modeling and simulation work. The field of simulation for this journal includes the techniques, tools, methods and technologies of the application and the use of discrete-event simulation, agent-based modelling and system dynamics as well as models that are hybrids of these approaches. Theoretical aspects of modelling and simulation including formal modeling, model-checking, random number generators, sensitivity analysis, variance reduction techniques, experimental design, meta-modelling, methods and algorithms for validation and verification, selection and comparison procedures. This simulation journal is interested in articles related to modelling and analysis methodologies, as well as practical papers from a wide range of simulation applications in domains including, manufacturing, service, defence, and health care.

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