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Call for Publications on COVID-19; Impact of Coronavirus Outbreak

Since the COVID-19 outbreak in China, it spreads rapidly to other parts of the world and still uncontrolled. The impacts of COVID19 on every aspect of human life and society can clearly be seen worldwide. Coronavirus attracts urgent need for new, novel, relevant, interdisciplinary research. Papers in all fields related to the coronavirus shall be published as quickly as possible. We are more interested in publishing Short Communication, Short Review, Review Article, Medical Case Report, Survey Articles & Opinions. We are trying to enable the AIJR platform for publishing and distributing new high-quality research to share information from scientists, researchers, […]


Publishing Coronavirus Research Paper

The new deadly coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) continues spreading COVID-19. All coronavirus researchers are encouraged to keep sharing emerging research works openly. Researchers are required to share their work on this outbreak rapidly. However, publishing rapidly in peer-reviewed journals is not feasible as peer-reviewing always takes time and the research on this outbreak is still immature that limits reviewers for an appropriate recommendation. Kindly visit the detailed procedure of publishing papers related to coronavirus research. Post Paper to AIJR Preprints In view of the rapid dissemination requirement, it is suggested to post the coronavirus-related research paper to the AIJR preprint server under […]

Working Papers

Researchers are invited to publish their working papers in the working paper series of AIJR preprint server. If you are an author who loves to release early research work by publishing as a working paper, submit the working paper to AIJR Preprints and publish within 2 working days. Formatting Instructions There are no specific requirements; You just need to format in a consistent manner by following author guidelines for technical formatting in editable word format. Add complete detail of each author including email id and affiliation and submit online at this link. What is Working Paper? A working paper is […]