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Publish Conference Proceedings

Conference proceedings are a published collection of academic papers presented at an academic conference or symposium. AIJR offers conference organizer to publish their conference Proceedings for free with ISBN and DOI.

Many conferences end up with publishing their conference proceedings as hard copy or CD which is not widely circulated. This restricts the ideas and views shared in the conferences as well as limits benefit of participants. AIJR initiated Proceedings publication for conferences held by the academic organization or research laboratories to publish and disseminate their proceedings online. Conference organizers may get benefit from our free, open access publishing service to disseminate their conference content worldwide.

We are publishing following two types of publication for the conferences-

  1. Special Issue in Journal: In the journal, we consider the special issue of a conference for only few selected articles of the said conference which had been undergone proper peer review process. Click here to read the procedure for conference special issue in the journal.
  2. Proceedings with ISBN & DOI: Proceedings publication are separate, and it will be indexed in proceeding databases of CrossRef. Proceedings normally contain all accepted articles of the conference and articles should be plagiarism free.

Whether you are planning a small specialist workshop or organizing the largest international conference, contact us at for proceedings publication. While contacting us, kindly add your detail, conference detail, conference objective, and scope. We will provide formatting requirement and other information for how to prepare the proceedings material to the editor of proceedings appointed by conference organiser. Proceedings editor will require to submit formatted articles as soon as they get accepted for further processing and fast publication.

Salient Features of Conference Proceedings Publication with AIJR

  • AIJR offers Open Access publishing platform for conferences in all disciplines.
  • AIJR aims at publishing proceedings from conferences held by the academic institution or research laboratories.
  • Creative Commons Noncommercial Attribution end user license.
  • Copyright retained by the author.
  • Free to Publish, Free to Read.
  • Conference organizers have to contact at through official email id of the conference.

Note: Our free publications are limited to the conferences for which AIJR is the sole publisher for all conference contents and our publishing agreement has been done 4-5 months prior to the conference date. If your case is different you can contact us for the detail.