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Publish paper in Journal of Modern Materials

Materials researcher are invited to publish their research paper in materials journal; Journal of Modern Materials. This is an international refereed materials journal focusing on all fields of materials research from global scholars. Researchers in the field of materials physics, materials chemistry, materials electronics, biomaterials, materials characterization, etc can submit their research paper. Call for paper in Materials Journal is open as per following detail-

Materials Journal Name Journal of Modern Materials
Type International, Peer-Reviewed (Refereed)
ISSN 2456-4834
Call for Paper Open
Article Types Research Article, Short Communication, Review Article, Short Review (Section Policy)
Focus Field All aspect of materials research including cross-disciplinary materials research.
Submission Submit Online
Formatting Requirement Refer to Author Guideline
Publication Fee Free (Under Normal Publication)
Rapid Publication Available (See detail)
Submission Policy Follow Ethics for Authors
Note Author(s) below Ph.D. level student should submit in our other journal Advanced Journal of Graduate Research

Note: Nanomaterials or research at the nanoscale can be submitted to our other journal Advanced Nano Research.