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Publishing Coronavirus Research Paper


The new deadly coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) continues spreading COVID-19. All coronavirus researchers are encouraged to keep sharing emerging research works openly. Researchers are required to share their work on this outbreak rapidly. However, publishing rapidly in peer-reviewed journals is not feasible as peer-reviewing always takes time and the research on this outbreak is still immature that limits reviewers for an appropriate recommendation.

Kindly visit the detailed procedure of publishing papers related to coronavirus research.

In view of above it is suggested to post coronavirus related research paper to AIJR preprint server and then submit the same paper to a scholarly journal for peer-reviewing. The preprint server allows open discussion from the worldwide community which is found to be very helpful in revising the paper with an acceptable approach and update the new version to the preprint paper.

After publishing the research paper on the preprint, the author shall submit it to a peer-reviewed journal. While waiting for the reviewer’s recommendation the author should be active in the discussion on preprint paper for various flaws and update with major improvements. After receiving the reviewer’s critique, the author should revise the article by including improvements from preprint version. It will be helpful in quality improvement of the finally published peer-review version of the article.

How to submit the coronavirus research paper to a refereed journal?

  1. Submit Coronavirus Research to AIJR Preprints

    Submit your research work on coronavirus and related disease to AIJR Preprints under the dedicated “coronavirus series”. Your non-reviewed paper will be published immediately after the preliminary screening, read author guidelines for formatting instructions.

  2. Submit Coronavirus Research Paper to Journal for Peer-reviewing

    Submit in Suitable AIJR Journals for peer-reviewing by following the author guidelines of the journal. A detailed publishing procedure of the COVID19 related article is available at this link.

  3. Discuss and Update the Preprint Paper

    While waiting for reviewer’s comments from the journal, keep eyes for any critique or discussion on preprint paper and update the paper with a new & improved version.

  4. Revise as per the Reviewer’s Comments

    After receiving comments from the reviewers, revise it accordingly and submit. Since knowledge on COVID-19 is still immature and hence it may take a long time to get the reviewer’s appropriate comment. While revising, discussion on preprint paper shall be considered which might be very helpful for the quality of the final peer-reviewed paper.