Special Issue on Peer Review Week 2019; Quality in Peer Review

To support peer review week 2019 (#PeerRevWk19), Advanced Journal of Social Science is launching a special issue focused on the peer review process in scholarly publication.

Individuals, institutions, and organizations are invited to submit their manuscript on the topic of quality peer review in scholarly communications. Individual may include librarians, scholars, editors, policymakers in agencies to determine the journal’s quality or journal evaluator within the standing committee of institutions. This call for paper in a special issue dedicated to the peer review process is open for the worldwide authors to submit articles by 15 August 2019.

The author may submit the formatted manuscript as per author guideline in the relevant section (Opinions, Survey, Short Communication). Important links are as follows-

About Peer Review Week

Peer Review Week is a global annual event initiated in 2015 to celebrate the essential role of peer review in maintaining the quality of the scholarly articles. This is the fifth year of peer review week event going to be celebrated on September 16-20, 2019 with theme “quality in peer review”. For more detail on Peer Review Week 2019, read Scholarly Kitchen’s post Peer review week is 5!

AIJR & Peer Review

AIJR is continuously working to promote the peer-review process for publication quality as well as standard publication practices. At the very same time, we also discourage questionable practices in scholarly publishing adopted by many publishers and even by some policymakers/ responsible agencies within the academic setup. Authors especially young researchers are in need of awareness on scholarly publication to differentiate in legitimate and predatory publications by themselves. We honour the ongoing efforts through peer review week events for improving recognition, diversity, visibility, awareness, and quality in the scholarly publishing process.

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