Call for Papers: Composite Materials

Composite Material’s researchers are invited to submit their research papers to the Journal of Modern Materials for peer-reviewing and possible publication. Manufacturers and designers who are working in the field of composite materials and their structures can also submit the original research work. We are more interested in the current scientific and technological progress as interdisciplinary research. Authors are expected to contribute research work with new advances in composite materials, material processing, analysis & testing as well as its performance and applications. The topic of interest may include- Green composites Metal-matrix composites Ceramic-matrix composites Thermoplastic composites Polymer-matrix composites Structural and […]

Article Submission to Decision; Journal

This is a quick guide for the author; what to expect next, after the submission of articles to AIJR Journals. It will help authors to have transparent idea on peer-reviewing process to their submitted research paper.

Publish Research Paper of e-Conference; Virtual Conferences Publication

In view of global restrictions on travel and recommended social distancing due to COVID-19 pandemic; conference organizers are forced to held their conferences online in virtual mode. Many conferences got canceled and some rescheduled as e-conference. We publish conference contents as proceedings, special issues, and abstract books for which organizers required to agree with a minimum payment regardless of the number of papers. In view of the current pandemic situation, AIJR decides to waive off the required minimum payment for online conferences up to a limited time period. Virtual conference organizer will require to pay 50% of the expected number […]

Call for Publications on COVID-19; Impact of Coronavirus Outbreak

Since the COVID-19 outbreak in China, it spreads rapidly to other parts of the world and still uncontrolled. The impacts of COVID19 on every aspect of human life and society can clearly be seen worldwide. Coronavirus attracts urgent need for new, novel, relevant, interdisciplinary research. Papers in all fields related to the coronavirus shall be published as quickly as possible. We are more interested in publishing Short Communication, Short Review, Review Article, Medical Case Report, Survey Articles & Opinions. We are trying to enable AIJR platform for publishing and distributing new high-quality research to share information from scientists, researchers, policy-makers, […]

Publishing Research Paper by Master’s Student

Publishing research papers by master’s degree students in all disciplines is desirable for the award of degree in most of the reputed institutions which are considered as part of the academic thesis project. Many institutions also require research work project in the final year of their bachelor’s degree students as well. This may be considered as introductory steps of the research environment as the students are unaware of the process and hence supervisor plays a crucial role in mentoring such undergraduate students. Here are some common guidelines & steps regarding students’s research paper publication. Authors may find the following youtube […]


Publishing Coronavirus Research Paper

The new deadly coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) continues spreading COVID-19. All coronavirus researchers are encouraged to keep sharing emerging research works openly. Researchers are required to share their work on this outbreak rapidly. However, publishing rapidly in peer-reviewed journals is not feasible as peer-reviewing always takes time and the research on this outbreak is still immature that limits reviewers for an appropriate recommendation. Kindly visit the detailed procedure of publishing papers related to coronavirus research. In view of above it is suggested to post coronavirus related research paper to AIJR preprint server and then submit the same paper to a scholarly journal […]